Deliverables of MED1stMR

All deliverables of the project are presented in the table below. Public deliverables can be downloaded in our download section


No.Deliverable TitleLead BeneficiaryDissemination Level
D1.1Project Manual including Quality Assurance Guidelines AITPU
D1.2Ethical Guidelines & Procedures UHEIPU
D1.3Data Management Plan AITPU
D1.4End User Management Approach and Methodology USECO
D1.5End User Database and Calendar AITCO
D1.6Updated End User Database and Calendar AITCO
D1.7Meeting Minutes Reports AITCO
D1.8Technical and Financial Report and Societal Impact Report AITCO
D1.9Technical, Financial Report and Societal Impact Report AITCO
D2.1Planning, Setup and Methodology for Collection of User Requirements, Needs, and Expertise AITCO
D2.2End users Point of View: Requirements Report, Stakeholder Map and Expectation Summary for Smart Wearables, MR Training Framework and Curriculum   UMUCO
D2.3Guidelines and Inputs for the future Training Scenarios AITCO
D2.4High-Level System Architecture IDENERCO
D3.1Overview of Current Training and Best Practices of Training Curricula in European MFR and Impacts on the EPME Model and Training UHEIPU
D3.2Multi-Dimensional Conceptual EPME Model and Research Agenda for Validation UHEICO
D3.3Concept for Physiological Measurement Suite for Stress Assessment UHEICO
D3.4Real-Time Training Progress Assessment Tool UHEICO
D3.5Aggregate team performance assessment modelUBERNCO
D3.6European Framework for Training and Assessment (using VR) of EPME Behaviour of Medical First Responder Professionals AITPU
D4.1MR Technology Framework for Responsive Human-Manikin D2DCO
D4.2Simulation Software for Manikin Control D2DCO
D4.3Activity Recording for the Exercise Debriefing  D2DPU
D4.4Physiological signals Acquisition Hardware and Software FrameworkPLUXPU
D4.5Smart Wearables for First Responder Monitoring  PLUXPU
D4.6Generic Integration Framework for Incorporation of Novel First Responder Technologies in MR IDENERPU
D5.1VR System Design Document and Evaluation Plan for MED1stVR MR Trainings Environment (WP6)  RELCO
D5.2MR Trainings Environment, Trainings-Scenarios and MR Live Editor infrastructure for conducting the Evaluations RFNSPU
D5.3Integrated Physical Human Manikin RFNSCO
D5.4Integrated Sensorics for Physiological Measurement of Trainees RFNSCO
D5.5Smart Scenario Control Module RFNSCO
D5.6 MR Debriefing System for Training Performance Evaluation and Output for Evaluation and Field Trials (WP6) RFNSCO
D6.1Field Trial and Studies Planning and Methods UHEIPU
D6.2Field Trial and Studies Combined Analysis Report UHEIPU
D6.3Report on the MED1stMR Demonstration at the Final Conference UHEIPU
D6.4MED1stMR Final Evidence-based EPME Model UHEICO
D6.5MED1stMR Final Evaluated VR Training Scenarios UHEICO
D6.6MED1stMR Final Guidelines for VR Training  UHEICO
D6.7MED1stMR Final Training Curriculum for EPME UHEICO
D7.1Concluding reflection and knowledge of the techno-logies in relation to the different emergency scenarios UMUPU
D7.2Implementation concept of MR training by end users UMUPU
D8.1Dissemination Plan and Communication Guideline USEPU
D8.2Project Website USEPU
D8.3Dissemination Material - Version 1  USEPU
D8.4Dissemination Material - final  USEPU
D8.5Strategies for Policy-Makers  USEPU
D8.6Knowledge and IPR management plan – Version 1USECO
D8.7Knowledge and IPR management plan – Version 2USECO
D8.8Knowledge and IPR management plan – Version 3USECO
D8.9Exploitation Plan and Business Outlook - Version 1  USEPU
D8.10Exploitation Plan and Business Outlook - Version 2USEPU
D8.11Exploitation Plan and Business Outlook - Version 3 USEPU
D8.12Exploitation Plan and Business Outlook - finalUSEPU
D8.13(final) Demonstration Tools  RFNSPU
D8.141st Report on Dissemination ActivitiesUSEPU
D8.152nd Report on Dissemination ActivitiesUSEPU
D8.16Final Conference Proceedings AITPU
D9.1H – Requirement No. 1AITCO
D9.2H – Requirement No. 2AITCO
D9.3POPD – Requirement No. 3AITCO
D9.4EPQ – Requirement No. 4AITCO
D9.5M – Requirement No. 5AITCO
D9.6GEN – Requirement No. 6AITCO
D9.7GEN – Requirement No. 7AITCO
D9.8GEN – Requirement No. 8AITCO