The MED1stMR Agile End User Centred Research (AEUCR) Methodology (H3)

To solve the challenges, a highly multi-disciplinary approach across the project is used  in order to span from requirement engineering, technological development and implementation over psychological research of human influence factors and optimal training design to resulting technology experiences and the scientific evaluation and validation of project results and subsequent integration into existing MFR training and work practices.

Requirements Engineering

MED1stMR will adopt an agile, user centred research approach building on expertise within the consortium. As an integral basis of the project, AIT and UHEI with their strong background on user-centred-design and psychological assessment, will collect user requirements from the MFR stakeholders on several perspectives through workshops and ethnographical approaches.

Agile Development

In terms of technical development, our AEUCR methodology will ensure that collected MFR requirements feed into the creation of the MR training environments, where RFNS will bring in their cutting-edge VR environment and extend it with D2D’s manikin technology.