3 medical first responder organisations calibrating for a demo training

Policy Maker Factsheet

Download the policy maker factsheet also targeting decsion makers in (medical) first responder organisations tempting to introduce mixed reality training to their

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MED1stMR Final Conference

Meet the persons behind the project and learn about mixed reality training for medical first responders – the future European technologies and approaches are presented on April 17&18 2024

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Technology combined in MED1stMR

Technology in MED1stMR

MED1stMR is both a scientific research project and a technology project in which six technical partners collaborate in an agile development structure

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MED1stMR is an 18-partner Horizon2020 European research project aiming to develop a groundbreaking innovative mixed reality training solution for medical first responders

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Final Conference

In 2024 the final conference of the project will provide you with the results of 3 years of analysis, research, technology development,

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Field Trials Europe MED1stMR

Field Trials

MED1stMR develops a mixed reality training solution for medical first responders to better prepare for mass casualty incidents. By integrating a high-fidelity

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General Assembly Vienna Dec 2022

4th General Assembly in Vienna

The 4th General Assembly (GA) of MED1stMR took place in Vienna, Austria on December 12th and 13th 2022. The two days marked the half-time of the project and therefore were packed with presentations, knowledge exchange and decisions within the multidisciplinary consortium.

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MED1stMR scientific model

Scientific Model

Every research project needs a scientific backbone – Learn more about the scientific model of MED1stMR: According to the EPME model, stress

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