Here you find the scientific publications achieved within the project:

BHM Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte (German) (Dec 2023):
Triage Subsurface – Unter Tage Training für medizinische Ersthelfer in der virtuellen Welt

Multimodal Technologies & Interaction (Dec 2023):
NextGen Training for Medical First Responders: Advancing Mass-Casualty Incident Preparedness through Mixed Reality Technology 

Frontiers in Psychology (Oct 2023):
Exploring objective measures for assessing team performance in healthcare: an interview study 

ACM – Association for Computing Machinery (Sept 2023):
Share on Collaborative Scenario Builder: A VR Co-Design Tool for Medical First Responders 

Journal of Behavioral Decision Making (Sept 2023):
Collaboration during the diagnostic decision-making process: When does it help?

AIVR Conference (July 2023): 
AI-supported XR Training: Personalizing Medical First Responder Training

Prehospital and Disaster medicine (July 2023)
Mixed Reality–Exploring the Requirements of Realism in the Context of Mass Casualty Incident Training 2023)

ACM – Association for Computing Machinery (April 2023):
Tangible Immersive Trauma Simulation: Is Mixed Reality the next level of medical skills training?

PLOS Online (March 2023): 
Extended reality as a training method for medical first responders in mass casualty incidents: A protocol for a systematic review 

ACM – Association for Computing Machinery (Feb 2023):
When Realities Interweave: Exploring the Design Space of Immersive Tangible XR

Frontiers in Psychology (Jan 2023):
What factors affect team members’ evaluation of collaboration in medical teams?
(Jan 2023)

Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine (Dec 2022): 
Preparing medical first responders for crises: a systematic literature review of disaster training programs and their effectiveness

Workshop on User-Centered Artificial Intelligence (Sept 2022):
Personalised Training: Integrating Recommender Systems in XR Training Platforms

BHM Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte (German) (Nov 2021):
Desaster Szenario unter Tage – MED1stMR – neue Ansätze im Training von medizinischen Ersthelfern / Disaster Scenario Underground—MED1stMR—New Approaches in Training Medical First Responders

CHI22 Workshop – VR [we are] Training (March 2022): 
MED1stMR: Mixed Reality to Enhance the Training of Medical First Responders for Challenging Contexts