4th General Assembly in Vienna

General Assembly Vienna Dec 2022

The 4th General Assembly (GA) of MED1stMR took place in Vienna, Austria on December 12th and 13th 2022. The two days marked the half-time of the project and therefore were packed with presentations, knowledge exchange and decisions within the multidisciplinary consortium.

Partners met hybrid with a high percentage offline and experienced two intensive work days at the AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology, the location for the meeting.

  Day 1 – Overview – Research – Technology 

The first day started with freezing snow outside but with a warm welcome inside. Helmut Schrom-Feiertag, the coordinator of the project gave a project update and started the day. Then the research partners delivered a detailed overview of the different planned and executed studies. Based on this input, the field trials research set-up was thoroughly discussed with the partners from a research, technology and end-user perspective. An overview of the solution progress by the technical partners rounded up the day that was concluded with a consortium dinner.

  Day 2 –  Scenarios – Try-outs – Decisions

The second day started with a presentation of the assets planned in the mixed reality scenario and led to intensive exchange and valuable decisions on the next steps. Consortium members were able to test the prototype solutions of AIT and experienced mixed reality themselves. Technology was again viewed from different angles. The relevant next steps regarding dissemination and exploitation were presented and the role of the end users within the field trials was discussed. Decisions on dates and locations were successfully made.  The day ended with relevant discussions on the preparation for the mid-term review.

Partners from all over Europe met to discuss the next steps of mixed reality medical first responder training and successfully concluded the 4th general assembly of the MED1stMR project.