5th General Assembly in Madrid

On the 17th & 18th April 2023, the MED1stMR consortium gathered together for a General Assembly at the facilities of our partner SERMAS – Salud 112 in Madrid. We were warmly welcomed at the Hospital de Emergencias Enfermera Isabel Zendal and had the opportunity to spend two inspiring and forward-thinking days. 

This meeting was important as it marks the last in-person meeting before the pilot dry-run in July 2023 for the upcoming field trials in the next 12 months of the projects all over Europe (see: https://www.med1stmr.eu/field-trials/). 

Day 1 – 17th April 2023

After a status update on the general project management and some notes on the last midterm review (see: https://www.med1stmr.eu/midterm-review-or-how-a-consortium-shows-teamwork-and-dedication-within-a-few-hours/) we started with a report on the recent pre-studies from our research partners and learned about results of the XVR study with medical first responders to verify performance indicators for mixed reality training and the team performance measurement options during training.

After a short break, the technical status was presented and we were able to explore the latest VR assets generated for the mixed reality solution, the stress measurement wearable solution, and insights on the powerful backend that will gather all generated data and be able to display them live to the trainer on the Trainer Dashboard. This will also build the base for the AI-based automated scenario control feature that will enhance the options for medical first responder training. 

To activate all participants on-site, we performed 2 workshops after the lunch break. The partners ranked and discussed the advantages of mixed reality training for the definition of the USP for the exploitation of the solution and then did group discussions on the policy- and decision-maker landscape of first responder organisations in the EU. 

After an afternoon coffee break, the consortium moved to another room where the mixed reality solution was set up for try-out sessions. In the meanwhile, smaller groups discussed options on the Trainer Dashboard design, additionnaly needed virtual assets and data storage as well as GDPR issues during field trials. Important and necessary decisions have been made and this fosters the planning for the upcoming months. 

The day ended with a joint dinner and a further exchange about the upcoming field trials that built the most relevant topic of these two days.

Day 2 – 18th April 2023

The second day started in the training area for more try-outs and discussions on the field trial preparation regarding the technological solution. In parallel, smaller groups were given a guided tour through the hospital and the operation control center. Especially for the end user partners this collegial exchange on “how challenges are solved at other organisations” are important and were well-received. At the same time, all other partners get more context information through such hands-on experiences that in the end help to better understand the end user’s point of view within the project. 

Later, discussions on the scenarios that will be used for the field trials were held and after a lunch break, the research requirements and plans for the field trials were presented and aligned with the end user needs and the organisational planning for the 6 upcoming European field trials. 

Bringing together the interests of end-users, technology and research is not always easy, but a personal exchange helps to find solutions that fit the whole consortium. 

With plans for the next 6 months and even until the end of the project, the consortium left the city of Madrid inspired and happy.