Equipment for the trainee in the MED1stMR system

Trainee's equipment for mixed reality training of medical first responders

Virtually simulated mass casualty incident training for medical first responders needs only a few tools:

1 Hand & Foot Sensors

Easy-to-attach sensors enable the VR system to visualise the position of each user in the simulated environment. Thanks to real-time sensor tracking, the users’ movement can be transferred flawlessly into the virtual setting, which enhances the immersion of the user significantly.

2 Audio & VR Headset

The head-mounted display and headphones are the most important equipment and deliver high immersion into the virtualised mass casualty environment for the trainees.

3 Wireless Connectivity

All tracking sensors as well as the connection from the user to the VR system run completely wireless and thus offer incomparable freedom of movement during training.

Let’s start the Training

After putting on the equipment, the users can start their training with a short calibration scenario to familiarise themselves with the virtual world and then start with the mass casualty incident training scenarios.