Partner Intoduction – Zentrum am Berg

Two tunnels at Zentrum am Berg

The ZaB (Zentrum am Berg) an underground research facility of the Montanuniversität Leoben that allows for reliable research with respect to tunnel emergency cases. It is a research, education and training center and one of the 19 project partners in MED1stMR.

Zentrum am Berg was built as a response to the increasing importance of underground traffic infrastructure and its safety requirements. Their core activities are research and development for SMEs, for industry and for public institutions. Additionally, the university participates in the setting-up of national competence centres, CD laboratories, research studios as well as takes part in a high number of national, European and international research projects.

The Zentrum am Berg will serve as a reference use-case to compare MR training against real world training in MED1stMR. They aim to apply the promising results of the project in their training centre in future trainings and conduct scientific exploitation by publishing the gathered results in top-ranked scientific journals in their field.