Field Trial 3 in Östersund, SE

Swedish emergency trainers with MED1stMR system

Going north for field trial 3

From October 16th to 20th, the 3rd MED1stMR field trial took place in Östersund, Sweden.

Our project partner Region Jämtland Härjedalen hosted the 3rd end-user training of our mixed reality training solution for medical first responders. As the field trials combine research, technology, and end users, the training at a field trial is set up like a mixed reality training session enhanced with scientific and technology studies to learn more about the solution and our research questions. Each session is extended with questionnaires and other research activities to learn about stress during training. An individual stress base is measured at the beginning of a training for each trainee. Then the trainer can monitor the variability to this base during training. Based on that results the trainer can change the flow of the scenario by making it more challenging (and probably more stressful) or by reducing the load to lower the stress perception – both to create ideal learning effects and to better prepare trainees for real-life emergency situations. 

Involving end-users on all levels

The training during field trials is already set up like it should be executed even after the end of the project. This also means involving the local trainers and letting them adapt the training to their orgainstional methods. On the first day, the local trainers are introduced to the technology and the training approach in mixed reality, supported by our partner UMEA University and the project trainers by our partner Campus Vesta. From then on, the local trainers execute the sessions with the local trainees. The trainers can operate the system and adapt the scenario flow to their and the trainees’ needs. 

The solution received very good feedback from the trainees and local trainers. We were able to identify areas for improvement that will be implemented in an agile process for the upcoming field trials This supports the project goals and we will be able to show great results at the final conference in Ranst, Belgium on April 17th and 18th. 

See impressions on the very well-organised field trial setup in Sweden: